We specialise in the maximising health, safety and performance of our clients in challenging environments. We achieve this through:

- Environmental monitoring and risk assessment
- Employee assessment and monitoring in the field
- Athlete assessment and monitoring during training and competition

Education and Training
- Induction of new, apprentice and FIFO employees
- Education of employees in the field (toolbox/pre-shift/pre-start and at worksite)
- Induction and education of contractors
- Education and training of HSE/OHS staff
- Education of management teams

Design and Implementation
- Working in the heat policy design
- Contractor safety policy design
- Heat acclimatisation guidelines for employees
- Heat acclimatisation guidelines for athletes
- Design and implementation of on-site rehabilitation sectors
- Individual prescription and management of cooling in the field
- Innovative cooling solutions

- Heat stress policy review 
- Heat stress incident investigation and reporting
- Providing an independent review of latest scientific literature

- Delivering keynotes and seminars

Team Motul Pirelli Suzuki, MX Nationals                        Education session with US Marines