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Thermal Hyperformance was founded in 2010 to support organisations maximise the health, safety and performance of their heat-exposed workforce. Since then we have assisted organisations from a diverse range of industries, including mining, construction, oil and gas, utilities, agriculture, transportation, law enforcement, military and emergency services. 

An important role for Thermal Hyperformance is collecting and applying evidence in field settings to guide industry practice.

"It could be thought of as research addressing real issues,

with real applications."

Recognising the value of evidence is what happens when the boss is a scientist. But unlike many scientists, founder and managing director, Dr Matt Brearley PhD doesn't wear a labcoat or work in a laboratory, he spends the majority of time working in the field. In fact, the Thermal Hyperformance team struggle to keep him in the office for more than a day at a time.

Matt is proudly, Australia's pre-eminent heat stress consultant and a former Accredited Exercise Scientist of the year. 


The Thermal Hyperformance team are passionate about improving the management of heat stress and that passion has fostered a range of collaborations, including those with Menzies School of Health Research, Charles Sturt University, Southern Cross University and Australian National University.


We're also founding members of the Heat Stress Research Partnership of the Northern Institute, Charles Darwin University. 

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